about PLS

This e-learning website provides several lessons in Microsoft Excel. The lessons starting from the basic concepts, such as: What is Microsoft Excel and how to insert data. The lessons progressed into advanced topics such as Round and text functions. After finishing the course, you will be able to use Microsoft Excel and process data with it.

Our vision

We aim to provide a valuable course that will teach you how to deal with the secret of Microsoft Excel, and how to use it effectively.

Our goals

Our main aim is to let the learners enjoy and satisfy when they are using I-learn online learning system. Learners will motivate and engage in the online learning system because they like it :)

our mission

We ensure that all data requested from learners will be securely saved in our database. Whenever you wanted to withdraw from our study, you can easily stop using I-Learn. Even though, if you don't want your data to be used, you can email us on whg360@cs.bham.ac.uk.